Want To See A Better Way To Generate Voyage Estimates & Track P&Ls?

By ClearVoyage | 25th March 2022

Quick and accurate estimates are crucial to understanding and maximising potential voyage profits. You just want a good indication. You don’t want to spend hours doing it or waste time entering more data than is strictly needed for the voyage estimate.
At the end of the voyage, you’d like to compare the estimate to the actual voyage P&L to see where and why the two differ.

    ClearVoyage automatically generates an estimate from the minimum inputs, saving you time and frustration

    Estimating In Spreadsheets Is Reducing Your Profitability

    Estimating in a spreadsheet template is

    • Time consuming as you gather distances, capex, opex, hire, expenses etc
    • Creates more manual work, as you will need to link this spreadsheet with
      the actual voyage P&L later on
    • Your team spend time sending and receiving estimates by email instead of sharing them automatically

    Using Legacy Systems Can Be No Better

    Inflexible systems can be really hard to use how you want

    • They ask for unnecessary inputs – wasting your time
    • They don’t work how you want, which is frustrating and gives you the wrong result
    • They make it difficult to run different scenarios which may result in more profit

    Are You Looking For A Voyage Management System That Helps You Plan For Maximum Profit?

    ClearVoyage provides a complete voyage management workflow for pre, during
    and post fixture

    • A simple and fast estimator, which only asks for the essential inputs to
      save you time and frustration in generating estimates
    • Delivers you automated commercial analytics so that you can plan and execute the steps of the voyage to return the maximum profit 
    • Integrates all the necessary CP, financial, vessel and performance data into an automated P&L to save you 15-20 hours per voyage in manual rework


    Interested In Learning More?

    We will talk about your Voyage Management Needs and show you exactly how ClearVoyage can meet them

    Here’s what we will cover in your free personalised demo:

    1. Go over your key procceses and desired out comes
    2. Show you only the features of ClearVoyage you care about
    3. Address all the questions you’d have
    4. Create a custom quote (if you’re interested)