Want To Maximise Profit For Your Vessels On Time Charter?

By ClearVoyage | 25th March 2022

As a tonnage provider with vessels on time charter, how do you track your profitability? What is left over once capex, opex or charter-in costs are deducted from your voyage earnings?

Do you collect data manually from voyage statements that look something like this?


Manual Reporting Is Time Consuming & Repetetive

Manual reporting involves

  • Gathering voyage results, capex, opex and performance data from different spreadsheets
  • Requesting and waiting for information from colleagues by email
  • Dividing the voyage results into the reporting period
  • Manually updating spreadsheets and charts, then copy pasting those charts into presentations
  • Repeating it all again next quarter

Typically, generating the PnL for just one voyage can take anywhere from 2 to +10 hours, and distracts you fromĀ what is important: your vessels and your voyages.

What If You Could Save >10 Hours & Improve Voyage Profits With Automated Live Reporting?

  • Instantly see the PnLs, estimates, ETAs and voyage plans you need to fix more profitable contracts
  • Understand performance to address issues quickly and reduce the potential cost of claims
  • Save significant amounts of time from eliminating repetitive manual tasks

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