Why you shouldn’t use Excel as a

Voyage Management System

By ClearVoyage | December 19th 2022

There are several advantages to using a voyage management system over Excel for managing voyage-related information and tasks. We have compiled the key arguments in this article.

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    1. Increased efficiency

    A voyage management system can automate many tasks and processes, such as generating reports and alerts, calculating voyage-related costs, and tracking vessel performance. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors.


    2. Enhanced collaboration

    A voyage management system can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously, allowing for real-time collaboration and communication. This is especially useful for teams working remotely or across different time zones.


    3. Improved data management

    A voyage management system can store and organize large amounts of data in a structured and searchable manner, making it easier to access and analyze.


    4. Greater flexibility

    A voyage management system can be customized and configured to meet specific needs and requirements. This allows users to tailor the system to their specific workflow and business processes.


    5. Enhanced security

    A voyage management system can have robust security measures in place to protect sensitive and confidential data. This is especially important for companies that handle sensitive information or operate in regulated industries.


    6. Better decision-making

    A voyage management system can provide real-time data and insights, enabling users to make informed decisions and optimize voyage-related activities.



    ClearVoyage VMS is a comprehensive voyage management system that offers all of these advantages and more. It is specifically designed to streamline and automate the process of managing voyage-related information and tasks, including voyage planning, budgeting, scheduling, and reporting. It also includes advanced features such as real-time data collaboration, automated notifications, and customizable dashboards, making it one of the best alternative to Excel for managing voyage-related information and tasks.

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