Meet New Regulations,

Maximise Profit & Save 2-3h A Day In Managing Your Fleet

Our Voyage Management System lets you focus on what matters: vessels, CPs and cash flow. 

Go From Stress, Spreadsheets & Emails

To Streamlined, Profitable & Compliant

Manual processes are risk-prone, labour-intensive and are reducing your profits

Noon Report Powered Headache 🤕

Noon Report Powered Performance Analysis 🧐

Backed by the Synergy Marine Group

Here’s How You Can Streamline Everything From Delivery To Redelivery

…so you generate more profit from your fleet, and save time doing it

Pre Fixture

Plan For Maximum Profit

N Quick estimates to understand and improve voyage profitability

N CP terms shared instantly so teams have more time for problem solving

N ETAs, notices and custom alerts to deliver the vessel and maximise hire


Automated Accounting & Performance Alerts

N Integrated vessel reports so you know how your vessel is performing

N Minimise the risk of claims with early alerts of potential underperformance

N Flexible invoicing and automatic cumulatives to streamline voyage accounting

Post Fixture

No More Manual Statements & Reduced Risk Of Claims

N Simple comparison of cumulative statements so you can be paid on time and with fewer disputes

N Automated reporting of voyages, vessels, fleets and periods, eliminating manual work

N Vessel performance analysis by leg or period, to help you fight claims

Onboarding & Migration Are Included

We migrate all your vessel data, voyage data, invoices and statements

Everything is done for you without charge

Go from a demo to onboarding in just two days

Simple & Transparent Pricing

Priced per vessel per day

35+ Integrations out of the box

… and many more

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N Go over your key processes and desired outcomes

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